At Wired Life we are expert communications technicians. If you’re a Melbourne, Geelong or Victorian resident and live within an optic fibre community, such as Telstra Velocity, National Broadband Network or Opticomm, we can help you with the phone and optic fibre wiring and data cabling for your smart community.

Phone, optic fibre and data cabling in Point Cook, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula and Ballarat.

We also provide and install antennas and home automation or electrical cabling. We have the capacity to perform all our own underground cable digging and underground trenching.

Home data/fibre

Whether we like it or not, most of our lives now revolve around telecommunications and the internet. When it comes to phone and data cabling the technicians at Wired Life are experts. If you live in a community that is serviced by the National Broadband Network, Telstra Velocity or Opticomm, we can help you get your data cabling and optic fibre wiring sorted so you reap all the benefits of the latest telecommunication technology advances.

Getting connected to networks such as Telstra Velocity, Opticomm and the NBN, and ensuring all your home or office’s devices are online and synced up, can be a difficult prospect for non-tech savvy people. Wire Life’s telecommunications technicians specialise in optic fibre and data cabling services that will get you online without  stress and keep you up with the rest of the world.



Wired Life technicians have vast experience and expertise in all things cables, wires and optic fibre, including data cabling and phone cabling. We can help with something as common as installing a phone line, through to more complex tasks such as installing and cabling your home theatre and audio-visual system.

Data cabling, phone cabling and optic fibre installation can often require earthworks. At Wired Life we undertake all our own underground cable digging and underground trenching when required for the installation of wiring, data cabling or phone cabling.

Our services will provide you with long-term and secure cabling solutions that give you convenience and peace of mind.

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